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Boxes of wine can be shipped throughout France. Free shipping is granted for an order of at least 36 bottles ( or more) !

Sparkling wines "Crémants du Jura"

Rosé, White and Brut Sauvage

Red Wines

Enjoy our unsual fruity red wines. You can drink them young with divers kind of meet ( carpaccio, beef tartare, dried meet…)… Apearance can be misleading : light-colored but full bodied wines!

White wines

Discover the full diversity of our range through fresh and floral wines, but also powerful wines, wines of atypical caractere that you will only find in Jura thanks to our terroir as well as our ancestral know how! These wines have excellent aging potentials (from 10 to 50 years).

Exceptional Wines

Wines that benefit from the ancestral know-how as they represent our beautiful wine region, especially yellow and straw wines.


Flagship products of the company which will make your meals among friends even better


Distilled in our own in copper stills: Discover Marc, fine, plums and William's Pear…





Generation n°9 of winemakers


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Enjoy responsibly.


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